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Top Reasons To Sail With Celebrity Cruises

Reasons to sail with Celebrity Cruises; modern luxury, larger staterooms, bedtime chocolate and so much more

Celebrity Cruises’ marketing slogan is “modern luxury lives here,” and if you’ve sailed on a Celebrity Cruise ship, you’ll know this to be true. I remember researching a cruise line for my very first cruise, a 7-day roundtrip cruise to Alaska.

When I asked a few travel agents which cruise lines to recommend, they suggested Celebrity or Royal Caribbean.

I booked with Celebrity Cruises, and that first cruise was not only magical, but I became hooked on cruising for life. If you’re thinking of booking a cruise vacation, here are some great reasons to sail with Celebrity Cruises.

A cruise vacation is a chance to relax, unwind on the high seas, and be pampered by attentive staff, all while sailing from one destination to another. Little did I realize that  sailing with Celebrity Cruises is an experience like none other. From the incredibly easy

Celebrity online check-in and the perfect embarkation day, everything was top-notch. Then, when I stepped on board, the atmosphere was sophisticated and modern, and everything was on a grander scale than what I would later experience on other cruise lines.

If you’re a first-time Celebrity cruiser, here is a little of what to expect on your cruise vacation.

Enjoy The Welcome Aboard Champagne

Embarkation day is a day of celebration because it’s the beginning of a vacation. What better way to start the party than with a complimentary “welcome aboard” glass of bubbly or mimosa?

Celebrity Cruises knows how to pamper their guests, and a glass of champagne was a nice touch to the start of our Hawaiian honeymoon on the beautiful Celebrity Eclipse.

Experience Modern Luxury

Stepping onto a Celebrity Cruise ship, the modern luxury and swanky décor wowed me. While some cruise lines try to stand out with their outrageous color schemes and dare, I say, tacky decor, Celebrity ships are timeless, elegant, and have a sophisticated décor.

Modern Luxury in Celebrity's Moonlight Sonata Restaurant
Modern Luxury in Celebrity’s Moonlight Sonata Restaurant

Their roomy staterooms remind me of a boutique hotel, and open areas have clean lines, modern furnishings, and trendy artwork.

I recently sailed on the Celebrity Eclipse, and while the line has scheduled to do some upgrades to this ship, in my opinion, some areas don’t need it. The main dining room is timeless and classic in white and crystal. How can you ever go wrong with white, right?

Appreciate The Larger Staterooms

While I have done over a dozen cruises in the last ten years, I realized that not all cabins are created equal. I have tried to tour as many staterooms as possible through Cruise Critics cabin crawls, and at other times, crew members have allowed me to view empty cabins on turnaround day.

Comparing the same stateroom class from cruise line to cruise line, Celebrity Cruises generally offer one of the largest rooms.

On my recent Celebrity Eclipse vacation, on a Solstice-class ship, the veranda cabin offered more storage than any other cruise ship I have sailed.

The cabin measured 185sq feet with a large closet, over-the-bed storage (something I have never seen before), plenty of drawers for clothes, and room under the bed for large suitcases.

The balcony was substantially larger than all the other ships I had sailed. There was no need to move the patio chairs when entering and leaving the veranda. Having a bigger stateroom is one of the best reasons to cruise with Celebrity Cruises.

The bathroom was the largest I have used, with lots of storage and a large shower with no pesky shower curtain. I think having a shower door was my favorite part of the whole cabin.

I was not too fond of the plastic curtains that always wanted to stick to me like super glue. Anyone who has cruised before will understand this dilemma.

We recently tried an interior cabin on the Celebrity Solstice, and it had just as much storage and space as the slightly larger balcony stateroom.

As cruise lines build new ships, the trend is towards smaller rooms. But, not so with Celebrity’s Edge class ships. Their deluxe inside staterooms and Edge staterooms with infinite verandas are over 200 sq. ft.

Snack On Bedtime Chocolate

After a long day at sea or a busy day in port, it’s nice to come back to your cabin or “home away from home” to a turned-down bed and chocolates on the pillow. If you’re lactose intolerant like me, don’t worry.

Just speak to your cabin steward, and he/she will leave you dark chocolate instead. I only had to mention once that I couldn’t eat milk chocolate, and my steward left dark chocolate every night for the balance of my 12-day cruise.

And let me tell you, those chocolates were gone before my head hit the pillow, lol.

Use Of Towels Instead Of Paper

One of the things I loved about Celebrity Cruises was their use of real towels in the public bathrooms instead of paper. Celebrity Cruises’ “Save the Waves” program commits to reduce, reuse, and recycle whenever possible.

It was refreshing to see fresh rolled-up white towels in the bathrooms instead of paper towels. Walking into a Celebrity public bathroom is reminiscent of using a bathroom in a luxury hotel.

Their use of cotton towels is a small step toward creating less garbage, which, in turn, protects the world’s oceans and the marine life that lives in them.

Reasons to sail with Celebrity Cruises; Real towels instead paper in the public bathrooms
Reasons to sail with Celebrity Cruises; Real towels instead of paper in the public bathrooms

Take A Hot Glass Class

  • Location: Deck 15 (Lawn Club) outside the video arcade and shipmates’ area

Celebrity Cruises has teamed up with The Corning Museum of Glass to bring cruisers, hot glass classes at sea. Not only are the lessons fun but educational too.

The Eclipse, Equinox, and Solstice are the Celebrity ships offering hot glass blowing classes. Who would have ever imagined that you could blow your own glass out on the ocean on a cruise ship?

Working with an experienced instructor, individual classes are approximately 20 minutes in which cruisers can make various items. These include a colorful Christmas ornament, a sparkling vase, a simple starfish paperweight, and other selections.

The classes are popular and fill up fast, especially since many passengers on my ship were booking more than one lesson.

I observed with amazement as the instructor pulled the molten glass. Even when passengers made the same item, each piece turned out completely different depending on color selections. It’s best to watch a demonstration before deciding to book a class.

If glass blowing is high on your list, I highly recommend you book early because classes fill quickly. Making your own blown glass has to be one of the best reasons to sail with Celebrity Cruises.

Watch Le Petit Chef Cook

  • Location: Qsine Restaurant, Deck 4 (Promenade) on Solstice class, and Deck 4 on Edge class

Unique to Celebrity Cruises, Le Petit Chef concept is a quirky character who works hard to create each course of your meal through 3D visual mapping. Le Petit Chef is the brainchild of Skullmapping, and their comical chef came to life in 2015.

Le Petit Chef offers a one-of-a-kind 3D animation dining experience. This beautifully choreographed dining experience has an elegant menu created by Celebrity’s Michelin Star Chef.

During your dinner, an overhead camera projects a tiny chef onto your place setting. On my Eclipse cruise, I watched intently as this whimsical chef magically creates each course of my meal.

After he completed my course, the waiters bought out the real food for me to enjoy. Everyone in the dining room sees the choreographed animation at the same time.

Le Petit Chef creating my filet mignon
Le Petit Chef creating my filet mignon

The food at Qsine was reasonably good, but the animation really made for an extraordinary experience. If you haven’t done this before, I would highly recommend it.

Cruisers on the Celebrity Reflection, Infinity, Eclipse, Edge, Apex, and the Silhouette can choose to enjoy this 3D dining experience. While the dining cost might be a little costly, consider booking one of the first two nights for discounted prices.

If you’re a long-time Celebrity cruiser and have eaten at the original Qsine, be sure to try out Le Petit Chef for a totally new and highly entertaining experience.

Le Petit Chef cooks with three global characters at Le Grand Bistro on the Edge Class ships. Their presentation slightly differs in that the cooking becomes a friendly competition.

Soak In The Thalassotherapy Pool

Location: Deck 4 (Solarium) on Millennium-class, and Deck 14 on Edge class

While all cruise ships feature several swimming pools and hot tubs, there’s no better way to ease those achy joints than in a thalassotherapy pool. My very first cruise was Alaska’s inside passage on the Celebrity Mercury.

While it was frigid out on the upper deck next to Hubbard Glacier, I sure appreciated the massaging jets in the thalassotherapy pool. Stronger than hot tub jets, the massaging element is terrific for those with arthritis and joint problems. 

When considering an itinerary to a cold-weather climate like Alaska and South America, I highly recommend you book a Celebrity Cruise ship with a thalassotherapy pool.

These unique pools are available on select ships in the Celebrity Cruise fleet. These are the Millennium, Summit, Infinity, and the Celebrity Constellation, where the pools are complimentary. On the Edge class ships, the thalassotherapy pool is available with a thermal suite pass. 

Sail To Unique Destinations

Most people have bucket lists (I do, and I’m slowly working through it), and sometimes include visiting every continent in the world. With Celebrity Cruises, that dream can become a reality, right from the comforts of a cruise ship.

If you’ve dreamed of cruising South America, a Celebrity Cruise expedition to the Galapagos Islands may be on my bucket list. Celebrity is the only larger cruise line allowed to cruise the Galapagos Islands.

The Galapagos Islands fleet includes the Xploration, the refurbished Xpedition, and the new Galapagos-built ship, the Celebrity Flora.

For a once-in-a-lifetime experience, cruise to Antarctica during January and February. In the height of the summer, you’ll see playful penguins and frozen bays while enjoying the refreshing icy air.

If cruising to all seven continents is on your wish list, Celebrity Cruises has you covered.

Use Of Items

On my first Celebrity Cruise, the ship left a complimentary bag in each stateroom. It was nice to have an extra tote bag to use during port days. However, on my last trip, the stateroom included an umbrella to use, should you need it.

While it was sunny in Hawaii and no need for an umbrella, it was great to know this was available for all cruises. In Alaska, passengers would appreciate this little umbrella since it rains a great deal. The cruise line also leaves beach towels in your cabin to use on port days.

Savor The Martini Bar

  • Location: Deck 4 (Promenade) on Solstice and Millennium-class, and Deck 3 on Edge class

If you love martinis, then one of the best reasons to sail with Celebrity Cruises is their Martini Bar. The Martini Bar is by far the coolest bar I’ve experienced on any cruise ship.

The bar top is covered in ice, and the ice had samples of liquor wedged into it. Even if you don’t drink, the bar is a fun place to visit for the lively atmosphere and the fun entertainment.

Hang around the bar for a while and witness the skillful bartenders shaking up some fantastic cocktail concoctions like a banana split martini or a black forest martini.

A freshly created double martini flight at Celebrity Cruises Martini Bar
A freshly created double martini flight at Celebrity Cruises Martini Bar

These are not just ordinary bartenders but high-energy entertainers. If you love martinis, why not order a martini flight? It’s not just a series of drinks but an exhilarating show.

Watch as the accomplished bartenders shake, juggle, and twirl their tumblers before standing on the bar to pour out a round of colored and delicious martinis.

I was tempted to order a martini flight even though I don’t drink, just for the entertainment, lol. One night as I stopped at the Martini Bar, I witnessed the bartenders doing a double martini flight, a total of 30 miniature martinis. And wow, was it exciting to watch!

Enjoy First-Class Entertainment

  • Location: Decks 3 to 5 in the theatre

Contrary to what some people believe, there is never a dull moment at sea. In fact, the best cruise ships keep you busy both day and night. What better way to start your evening than with a Broadway-like show?

On a Celebrity ship, the entertainment is first-class with musical performances, magicians, acrobats, pianists, and comedians. The singing and dancing are so incredible on the Eclipse that the seats would fill up incredibly fast.

During one night in Hawaii, the crew invited some local people to entertain us with their traditional Hawaiian and Polynesian songs and dance. I was mesmerized by these tiny children of 4 or 5 years old who could do a fantastic hula dance.

Celebrity Cruises "Topper" musical show
Celebrity Cruises “Topper” musical show

By far, my favorite show on the Eclipse was called “Topper.” The musical features Sir Stuart Peabody, his giant hat, and his collection of eccentric friends. If you have ever seen a Cirque Du Soleil show, this one is very similar in how it’s presented.

Tour The Ship’s Galley

  • Location: Deck 3 (Plaza) inside the main dining room

Celebrity Cruises offers its passengers the heartbeat of the operations galley tour. While cruises are climbing in price and companies are finding more ways to make money, this tour is entirely free.

If you want a peek into what happens in the ship’s kitchen or galley, I can highly commend this tour. Be sure to check your daily newsletter for the day and time. 

Feel Real Grass Between Your Toes

  •  Deck 15 (Lawn Club) outside the video arcade and shipmates’ area
The Lawn Club features real grass
The Lawn Club features real grass

If you plan to sail on one of Celebrity’s Solstice-class ships, you’ll have the luxury of being able to feel the grass between your toes. You’ll enjoy a half-acre of real grass on each of the Solstice Class ships.

On most days, cruise ship passengers did not frequent the Lawn Club’s grassy area, so it’s the perfect spot for an afternoon picnic or a quiet place to read a book. Games like bocce ball or croquet are available for use during the day.

During my Easter cruise on the Eclipse, the lawn club provided the perfect area for the children’s Easter egg hunt and a visit from the Easter bunny.

The Easter bunny at the Easter egg hunt in the Lawn Club
The Easter bunny at the Easter egg hunt in the Lawn Club

Celebrity Cruises Protects The Environment

In a world of climate change and a movement toward sustainability, it’s comforting to know Celebrity is doing its part to protect marine ecosystems. Its “save the waves’ program helps its efforts to support aquatic life and its environment.

In 2019, Celebrity removed plastic straws from its fleet as part of a plastic elimination program. Also, Celebrity has partnered with the World Wildlife Fund.

In fact, Celebrity goes beyond compliance by reducing, recycling, and reusing more than required by law. By practicing pollution prevention and reducing its impact on the environment, a select group of Celebrity ships is allowed to cruise the Galapagos Islands.

Bring The Outside In

When cruising in a warm climate, there’s nothing more refreshing than allowing those sea breezes into my cabin. The new Edge class ships have revolutionized cruising with their infinite verandas.

If you’ve done any reading, there’s a love-hate relationship with these new types of cabins. But, what’s not to love when the outside area becomes a part of your stateroom?

With the push of a button, cruisers can extend the cabin space. While the actual concept of a balcony is gone, the infinite veranda makes the cabin more spacious, which is excellent when cruising with more than two people.

While I know the infinite verandas aren’t for everyone, some cruisers love this new transformational type of room.

Bid For An Upgrade

Gone are the days of booking an inside stateroom and getting upgraded to a balcony. While it’s hit or miss getting an upgrade on most cruise lines, Celebrity Cruises invite cruisers to bid for an upgrade. I like that each person has an equal opportunity to get an upgrade.

On my last cruise, this “bidding for an upgrade” was foreign to me. However, Brian and I chose to bid on two types of staterooms just for the experience. We didn’t win the bid, and we were okay with that because we had selected a cabin in the location we wanted.

My Celebrity Cruise tip on upgrades: Only bid if you’re willing to accept that the upgrade may not be in a better location. Larger staterooms or higher decks are considered upgrades, but they may be at the cruise ship’s aft or bow.

At a selected time before our cruise, Celebrity sent us an email offering us to bid on unsold cabins. There was a minimum amount we had to bid for specific staterooms, and bids had to be placed by a set date. Winning bids were notified a few days before the embarkation date.

Other cruise lines like Norwegian and Royal Caribbean also offer a bidding system. We’ve been invited to bid on Royal Caribbean’s RoyalUp a few times.

Experience Innovation On The Magic Carpet

  • Location: Starboard side of Edge class ships

Celebrity Edge broke new ground with their innovative Magic Carpet. Breaking the mold of what traditional cruise ships look like, the floating platform moves up and down on the ship’s starboard side, changing its function.

The orange carpet becomes a gathering spot for tenders and debarkation when lowered to deck two on port days. On deck 5, the Magic Carpet acts as an extension to Raw on 5, offering seafood cuisine in an airy atmosphere.

At its height, the trendy venue provides a perfect setting for an intimate dinner, complete with live music, unabating ocean views, and mouth-watering delights.

Always Included

If you like to drink and hate the surprising tab at the end of the cruise, you’re in luck. Recently added, “always included” means the cruise fare includes the classic beverage package, WiFi, and gratuities.

Cruising should be effortless; after all, it’s a vacation. Always included is available on every sailing, every stateroom type, and to every customer. Those that prefer not to enjoy the included items have the choice to opt-out.

The classic beverage package includes a selection of beers, wines, cocktails, sodas, specialty coffees, and bottled water.

Power Up With Points

We all know the power of points in cruise line loyalty programs. In 2020, much of cruising has been put on the back burner. However, until cruising can resume again, Celebrity Cruises created “power-up points,” an exclusive program for Captain’s Club members to earn points when not cruising.

Captain’s Club members receive emails to complete certain activities to earn points. The more activities you complete, the more you earn. It’s that simple!

Some members have moved up a level without even cruising. So, what are you waiting for? Join the fun and start earning from the comfort of your armchair.

With Celebrity’s new Edge class ships, they are leading the way in state-of-the-art design ideas. The Rooftop Garden and Eden areas are not like what we’ve seen on other cruise lines.

Whether you cruise for outstanding service, modern luxury, or excellent cuisine options, Celebrity is the whole package.

My 20 reasons to sail with Celebrity Cruises are what makes Celebrity one of my favorite cruise lines. If other reasons keep bringing you back to Celebrity Cruises, I’d love to hear about them.

Happy travels ~ Karen