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Golden Skybridge – Canada’s Highest Suspension Bridge

The Golden Skybridge's upper bridge in Golden, BC, Canada

If you’re one of those fearless individuals who seek adventure, I’ve got an attraction for you. Canada’s highest suspension bridge, the Golden Skybridge, tests your fear of heights on not one but TWO bridges.

Since I’ve walked across many of BC’s suspension bridges, I couldn’t wait to try this one after it opened in the summer of 2021.

Where Is The Golden Skybridge?

  • Location: 503 Golden Donald Upper Road | Open: May to October  

So, on our Vancouver to Banff road trip, we scheduled a layover in Golden, BC, to compare these bridges to a suspension bridge closer to home. By staying in Golden, we could arrive at the suspension bridge early in the morning. 

We stayed at the Ramada Limited Golden, which had reasonably priced rooms and complimentary breakfast.

Most travelers know Golden for its outdoor activities. However, if you happen to be traveling though southeastern British Columbia, you can check out the Skybridge, Golden’s newest attraction.

Since the Golden suspension bridge park is 83 km or a one-hour drive from Lake Louise, those visiting the Canadian Rockies could see the suspension bridge on a day trip.

Unlike the Capilano Suspension Bridge, which is open year-round, the Golden suspension bridge hours are seasonal. Due to its higher elevation and snow accumulation, the park opens from May to October, depending on the weather.

Since we were driving to Banff, we stayed overnight in Golden to visit its newest attraction. As scheduled, we arrived at the parking lot before opening hours and were surprised only 20 people were waiting to buy tickets. While the park has a sizable parking lot, it was full by the time we exited the park.

Golden Skybridge Pricing

Visitors to the park may be surprised it has more than two suspension bridges. The park has a Village Treetop play area for children, a thrilling zipline, a Canyon Edge course, and a Giant Canyon Swing. With so many activities, the park attracts a wide range of sightseers.

So, here are the prices depending on what you plan to see or do. The pricing is incredibly reasonable for those staying in Banff and wanting to try ziplining.

Golden Skybridge (two bridges)CAD 37CAD 18.50
Golden Hour Admission (after 7 pm)CAD 28CAD 14
Adventure Pass (admission, rope course, and zipline)CAD 56CAD 46
Giant Canyon Swing (admission and Giant Canyon swing)CAD 123

Pursuit owns the Golden suspension bridge. It also has iconic Canadian Rockies attractions like the Banff Gondola, Columbia Icefield Adventure, and Lake Minnewanka cruises. So, don’t expect to find 2-for-1 tickets or promo codes to visit Golden Skybridge.

Since we visited shortly after the park opened, construction had not been completed on all attractions. They were still building stairs to the ziplines, and the swing was not complete.

However, we were eager to check out the suspension bridges constructed high above the canyon. Expect to spend a couple of hours exploring the park with a kids’ play area, plenty of picnic tables, and a place to purchase food.

Crossing The Upper Golden Suspension Bridge

After purchasing our entry tickets, we proceeded to the upper suspension bridge to the right of the entrance. Other park goers were hesitant to cross the bridge and assembled at the viewpoint, waiting for others to cross.

So, Brian and I marched onto the bridge and relished in the fact that we had the bridge to ourselves. That just wouldn’t happen at Vancouver’s Capilano Suspension Bridge.

Golden Skybridge upper suspension bridge
The upper suspension bridge

Unlike other suspension bridges, this one had no one patrolling the bridge and telling people not to run, jump, or stop on the bridge.

We enjoyed minimal sway across the bridge with no winds and no other people sharing the crossing. However, this could be a different story if many people were crossing.

From the center of the bridge, I marveled at the incredible views across the canyon and to the valley below. To the right, a picturesque 200-foot free-falling waterfall flows downs the valley.

My husband and I crossing the Golden Skybridge
Crossing the Golden Skybridge

Also, I could see the lower suspension bridge further down into the canyon to the left. This first suspension bridge measures 130 meters high (426 feet) above the canyon and 150 meters (almost 500 feet) in length.

Compared to the Capilano Suspension Bridge, it’s twice as high and slightly longer.

Golden Skybridge Canyon Trail

We exited the upper bridge and proceeded to the left, following a canyon trail. The park has a looping route with visitors walking counter-clockwise.

Since there are two bridges, visitors only cross one way, allowing everyone to social distance during COVID. The pathway linking the bridges wanders through the trees and offers viewpoints of the canyon and bridges.

Waterfall in the canyon at the Golden Skybridge
Waterfall in the canyon

After a short stroll, we reached the Canyon Edge Challenge, which offers three courses suitable for those eight and above. Course goers traverse a rope course 12 meters (40 feet) above the ground with a safety harness.

Whether you’re a child or a kid at heart, you’ll enjoy the challenge of balancing on a series of rope ladders, balance boards, and swings.

Golden Skybridge Canyon trail
Canyon trail

Adventure seekers reach the Skybridge Zipline Launch a little further down the trail. So, grab a friend or two and enjoy a group glide on one of four thrilling lines. The lines run parallel to each other and hang 152 meters (500 feet) above the canyon floor.

If you’ve purchased a ziplining ticket, you’re entitled to one run across the canyon. Additional rides cost CAD 49. While it won’t take long to cross the 305 meters (1,000-foot) zipline, you’ll enjoy incredible 360-degree views of Golden’s picturesque landscape.

If you’ve bought general admission tickets, proceed further down the trail to the lower suspension bridge. At the entrance to the bridge, a large wooden seat invites visitors to “touch the sky.”

Sitting on the touch the sky seat at the Golden Skybridge
Touch the sky seat

This wide bench is perched on the canyon’s edge with a spectacular backdrop of forests and mountains. It screams Instagram!

The Lower Suspension Bridge

To get back to the park’s entrance, visitors have to cross a second suspension bridge across the canyon. So, if you have a fear of heights, only traverse the first bridge if you’re confident you can cross back again.

Like the upper bridge, the lower bridge is one-way and has a maximum load of up to 60 people. However, it’s a little shorter at 140 meters (459 feet) and hangs 80 meters (262 feet) above the canyon floor. Like its longer brother, the views from the second bridge are equally jaw-dropping.

Towards the end of the lower bridge, a camera captures a selfie (should you want one), which is available for purchase. Just stand between the markers and smile for the camera.

Camera spot on the suspension bridge
Smile for the camera

As I finished my walk across the bridge, I was surprised by how many people waited on solid ground for their families. Those not brave enough to cross can stay at the end of the bridge to reunite with their loved ones.

Giant Canyon Swing

We reached the Giant Canyon swing, close to the park entrance, towards the end of the Canyon Trail loop. However, the swing was still under construction during our visit. Once open, the canyon bungee holds two people, who will free-fall into the canyon, and swing back and forth.

Like ziplining, your ticket purchase allows for one swing. Although, one swing might be enough!

Know Before You Go

  • Visitors still need to purchase a general admission ticket even if they don’t intend to cross the suspension bridges.
  • Please remain on the trail and stay behind fenced areas for your safety. It’s a steep drop to the canyon below.
  • Do not jump, run, or try to make the suspension bridges sway. Also, do not climb on the guard rails.
  • All children under 12 must be held by the hand when crossing a bridge.
  • Secure your belongings when crossing the bridges. Any dropped items are not retrievable!
  • Wear comfortable shoes because the 3-kilometer trail has loose gravel, slippery rocks, and numerous stairs.
  • Follow the one-way system around the park. Those who can’t get enough of the suspension bridges can go again.
  • The park gets busy during the day. So, plan to arrive before the park opens or consider going at golden hour. Also, it’s best to avoid weekends.
  • Plan to go on a clear day. Smoke and fog can impede your views.
  • Most visitors spend less than two hours in the park. So, travelers can see the Golden Skybridge on a day trip from Calgary, Banff, or Revelstoke.

Is It Worth It?

We found the pricing reasonable for admission, and we would definitely go again. Some might argue that once you see one suspension bridge, you’ve seen them all. Not so!

Each one is unique in its own way. Being the highest in Canada, the Golden Skybridge made a fantastic adventure on our September Banff vacation.

Now, should you decide to take the Adventure Pass with the Giant Canyon Swing, the cost will set you back CAD 179 + GST, which isn’t so budget-friendly.

The park is currently building a mountain coaster, which will be included in the general admission ticket. Since we have ridden the Cypress Eagle Coaster, we can’t wait to make another trip to the Canadian Rockies to try this when it opens.

With so much forest around the canyon, it wouldn’t surprise me if Pursuit developed the park and added more attractions in the future. Some treetop walkways with mini suspension bridges would be incredible. How about a giant treehouse?

Happy travels ~ Karen