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Celebrity Edge: A Look At The Ship’s Innovative Design

Celebrity Edge was launched in 2018 and celebrated as setting a new standard in cruise ship design. We waited until it was assigned to Alaska in 2024 before booking our cruise.

My wife Karen and I embarked on a thrilling adventure, sailing on the Edge on a 7-day cruise out of Seattle to Alaska. Our itinerary included Ketchikan, Juneau, Endicott Arm, Skagway, and Victoria, British Columbia.

The ship combines contemporary luxury with cutting-edge technology, making it ideal for those who want to experience the best of both worlds. We especially loved the interior design, which did not feel like a traditional cruise ship.

Celebrity Edge docked in Juneau, Alaska

The ship’s exterior is sleek and modern, with a unique profile that distinguishes it from other cruise ships. In our inside cabin, the appearance and functionality were maximized, resulting in the best experience for an interior cabin.

The ship’s designers carefully considered all design aspects, including the lighting and furniture, to establish a unified and welcoming environment.

In this post, we will examine the Celebrity Edge in more detail and review its features, amenities, and overall experience. We will also explore the ship’s design, technology, dining options, entertainment, and more.

Karen and I have sailed Celebrity many times before, but this was our first time on an Edge-class ship. We had high expectations before sailing, and the Edge met them!

However, is it the best ship for an Alaskan cruise? Read on to discover our thoughts on that question.

The Grand Plaza and Martini Bar
The Grand Plaza and Martini Bar

Ship Overview

Design And Architecture

Celebrity Edge is a modern, luxurious cruise ship designed to provide guests with an exceptional experience at sea. While Celebrity is considered a premium cruise line, the Edge represents the brand well.

The ship’s interior is contemporary, incorporating natural materials and a neutral color palette. There are many gray tones throughout, which provide a calming effect.

However, I know that only some passengers like the color palette, and many have described it as bland or unimaginative. You may not like the Edge color theme if you are a long-time cruiser and prefer a more traditional cruise ship décor.


Celebrity Edge is 1,004 feet long and 128 feet wide, with a gross tonnage of 129,500. While a full-size ship, it is not in the class of mega-ships such as those operated by Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, or MSC.

The ship can accommodate up to 2,908 guests and features a crew of 1,320. The ship carried 2,860 passengers during our cruise, so it was virtually full.

There were approximately 350 children, which seemed a lot considering that kids were still in school in most states. The Camp at Sea area on Deck 3 is reserved for children’s programs throughout the cruise.

The multi-functional Magic Carpet space
The multi-functional Magic Carpet space

The Edge includes a large movable platform called the Magic Carpet that can be raised and lowered. Private cabana areas outside the Magic Carpet are available for USD 120/day for two people or USD 240/day for four people. We did not see the cabana areas used once during our cruise.

When lowered to Deck 2, the innovative Magic Carpet allows guests to board and disembark from the ship’s tender boats more easily. During our Alaska cruise, tender boats were not required, so we didn’t get to experience the Magic Carpet during tendering.

Stateroom Categories

Celebrity Edge offers a range of stateroom categories to suit every budget and preference. This includes Inside Staterooms, Ocean View Staterooms, Veranda Staterooms, Concierge Class Staterooms, AquaClass Staterooms, and Suites.

We enjoyed an inside cabin because we would rather take more cruises than spend our budget on luxury cabins. Our inside cabin cost us 1/3 of an infinite veranda.

Our interior stateroom
Our interior stateroom

Dining Onboard The Celebrity Edge

The Celebrity cruise line has won many awards for its dining experience, and the Edge provided us with solid dining options throughout our cruise. Here’s what you can expect when you cruise on the Edge.

Main Dining

The Edge provides four different main dining options, as opposed to one dining venue. This includes the following choices for your dining pleasure:

  • Cosmopolitan – self-described as “American with global influences.”
  • Cyprus – the “Greek Heritage” restaurant features seafood and other Mediterranean delights.
  • Normandie – this French cuisine restaurant provides another option for passengers.
  • Tuscan – Italian-inspired. This restaurant offers homemade pasta and other similar choices.

Note that all four restaurants share menus. These include some Celebrity Classics, such as Broiled Salmon, Grilled New York Steak, and Grilled Chicken Breast.

In addition to these menus, each restaurant includes “Exclusives” that are unique to its format. We dined in Cyprus most evenings, and on Day 3, Karen enjoyed Grilled Octopus, which was only found on the Cyprus menu.

We later learned that we could order exclusives from the other three restaurants. Overall, we found the main dining rooms to provide a good choice of well-prepared options each evening.

The Tuscan Restaurant
The Tuscan Restaurant

If formal dining is not your preference, the Oceanview Café on Deck 14 Aft provides an excellent buffet choice for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and evening snacks.

Specialty Dining

The Celebrity Edge includes 8 specialty restaurants in addition to the main dining rooms. Specialty restaurants charge an additional fee that will be added to your overall bill at the end of your cruise.

Here are a few restaurants found on our cruise to Alaska:

  • Eden – this unique venue at the aft of the ship includes an open-air kitchen where you can watch your food being prepared. We intended to try Eden on our last night but unfortunately had to cancel at the last minute.
  • Fine Cut Steakhouse – all cruise lines offer a steak house, and this is Celebrity’s version.
  • Le Petit Chef – this dining experience includes an animated character who appears on your plate.

Other restaurants include Mast Grill, Raw on 5, Le Grand Bistro, and the Rooftop Garden Grill. Additionally, guests can dine “One the Edge,” an experience on the Magic Carpet. Due to the cold climate, it was not offered on our Alaska cruise.

Rooftop Garden
Rooftop Garden


Celebrity Edge offers a range of entertainment and activities to keep guests engaged. Karen and I are less likely to participate in some of the daytime activities the more we cruise.

Cruising is all about the ports of call, so we look for great itineraries. Sea days are best for socializing, trying a specialty restaurant, or enjoying the ship.

Some of the activities like lining up to get your “free” charm for a bracelet, are offered to entice you to buy products such as jewelry while on board. There can be the occasional good deal, but most products for sale are over-priced.

The ship’s theater hosts Broadway-style shows and live music performances. The Rooftop Garden provides a relaxing outdoor space to enjoy movies and live music. The ship also features a casino, art gallery, and a variety of shops.

Spa And Fitness

The ship’s spa offers a range of treatments and services for those looking to relax and rejuvenate. While the spa does not have an exclusive thermal pool, it offers a variety of spa rooms beyond those found on other cruise ships.

Its thermal suite was particularly enticing, with heated loungers, an infrared desert sauna, a crystalarium, rainfall therapy, and a steam room.

Heated loungers in the thermal suite
Heated loungers in the thermal suite

The fitness center is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. It offers a variety of classes, including yoga and Pilates. I used the fitness center several days and found there to be ample equipment for all types of workouts.

The ship also features a jogging track and outdoor fitness area.

Technology And Innovation

Internet Access

The Celebrity Edge uses Starlink technology to provide high-speed and reliable internet access. For many passengers, especially families, being online is a must-have during the cruise.

However, depending on the number of devices you are trying to connect, the cost of being online can add up quickly.  You can choose Basic (email, social media) or Premium (streaming, high-speed).

As of the time of this writing, here’s what you can expect to pay in USD for various internet packages during your cruise:

  • Premium – 1 hour connection – $18.71
  • Premium – 24 hours – $37.46
  • Premium – Entire 7-day cruise (1 device) – $239.93
  • Premium – Entire 7-day cruise (2 devices) – $412.93

Magic Carpet

Hanging on the side of the ship, the Magic Carpet is a large, cantilevered platform that moves up and down the ship’s side. This feature was designed to give guests a unique experience and stunning sea views.

The Magic Carpet on the Edge
The Magic Carpet

This outdoor space serves multiple purposes, including acting as a tender platform for guests to board smaller boats for shore excursions, as well as a restaurant and bar.

The Magic Carpet was considered unique and innovative when the Celebrity Edge was launched. However, now that I have sailed on an Edge-class ship, I have a different opinion.

The weather was typically cool and sometimes cold during our sailing to Alaska, so the Magic Carpet was unsuitable. It was often busy but served strictly as an outside bar.

Also, while the Magic Carpet can move up and down, it was fixed at Deck 14 during our cruise. Since we never tendered at any of our ports of call, there was no reason to lower it to Deck 2.

The deck is approximately 60 feet long and is a massive feat of engineering comprised of tons of steel. In my view, the Magic Carpet is overrated and adds little value to the design of the Edge-class ships.

Cabin Lighting

During our cruise, we opted for the lower cost of an inside cabin. With no windows, the cabin was pitch black when you walked in.

However, on the wall near the entrance, there is a digital lighting control panel which I loved. With a touch on the panel, you could turn all lights on, off, or pick something in between.

The settings included Evening, Movie, Morning, Sleeping, etc. Overall, the panel was very convenient and allowed us to pick an appropriate setting depending on our mood or time of day.


The Edge offers various entertainment, from Broadway-style shows to live music and comedy acts. In addition to shows, our cruise included the standard fare of singers, comedians, and magicians.

Although, most cruise lines offer similar entertainment as part of their evening lineup. The Edge shows were comparable in range and quality to other cruise lines we had sailed on.

Living wall in Eden
Living wall in Eden

One standout feature is the Eden venue, a multi-level space that combines dining, drinking, and entertainment in a lush indoor-outdoor setting.

Our Likes And Dislikes

Celebrity Edge is a modern and innovative ship that offers a unique cruising experience. However, like any other ship, it has its pros and cons.


  • Innovative Design: I liked Celebrity Edge’s design the moment we stepped on the ship. The neutral earth-tone colors create a sense of calm and relaxation.
  • Rooftop Garden: The ship has a rooftop garden area, which can be an ideal retreat if the weather is warm. However, during our Alaska cruise, it was often quite cold on the rooftop garden.
  • Large Staterooms: Our interior cabin – #11239 was massive and almost 200 sq. ft. Other than having no windows or balcony, it was perfect for Karen and me.
  • Dining Options: Celebrity Edge offers various dining options to suit all tastes. The ship features four main restaurants, each with a different theme and menu. We tended to dine in the Cyprus main dining room, and the service and food were excellent each time.
  • Specialty Restaurant Options: The Edge has several specialty restaurants, including a French bistro, a steakhouse, and a sushi bar.
  • Luxurious Accommodations: The staterooms on Celebrity Edge are spacious and well-appointed. They feature modern amenities like interactive flat-screen TVs, king-sized beds, and ample storage space. We thought the Edge Villas are gorgeous.
Edge Villa Suite bedroom
Edge Villa Suite bedroom


  • Expensive: Celebrity Edge is a premium ship, and it comes with a premium price tag. The cost of a cruise on Celebrity Edge can be significantly higher than on other ships, such as those found on Carnival or Princess.
  • Crowded Public Areas: Despite its spacious staterooms, Celebrity Edge’s public areas can feel crowded, especially during peak times. The ship’s main pool area can be bustling, and we found getting a seat in the theater difficult.
  • Limited Activities: Celebrity Edge has plenty of cruise-ship amenities, including a spa, fitness center, and theater. However, compared to its sister-line Royal Caribbean, which is packed with activities such as North Star, iFly, Flowrider, and laser tag, the Edge is relatively sparse with exciting activities.
  • Infinite Balconies Not Suited To Cold Climates. Many guests said their cabins became frigid when they opened the windows on their infinite balconies. While the innovative design is unique, it’s better suited to warm climates.
  • Not Enough Elevators: There are two banks of 6 elevators each for a total of 12 elevators serving all passengers. Too often, we found ourselves waiting a LONG time to get an elevator.

Final Thoughts

After experiencing the Celebrity Edge ship, we realized that this top-of-the-line vessel offers a unique and luxurious cruising experience. From its stunning design to the exceptional service, the company spared no expense in creating a truly unforgettable experience for guests.

The staterooms on the Celebrity Edge are spacious and well-appointed, with modern amenities and stylish decor. The Infinite Veranda staterooms are particularly impressive. Their unique design allows guests to fully open their rooms to the ocean air and stunning views.

However, the Infinite Verandas are unsuitable for colder climates such as Alaska. When we toured one of the cabins and opened the large glass panel separating the room from the veranda, the temperature immediately dropped 10 degrees!

Finally, the Celebrity Edge ship will impress even the most discerning guests. We look forward to sailing one of the other Edge-class ships, such as the Apex, Beyond, Accent, and Xcel (arriving in Fall 2025).

Celebrity Edge ship in Alaska, the Magic Carpet and the Grand Plaza